Dear Members,

The announcement of the easing of lockdown restrictions is one which I am sure was greeted with delight. With it comes further opportunity to return to normal every day life.  However, whilst we look forward to what we will be able to do from  the 19th July onwards, we must also continue to take the appropriate measures to ensure that we retain a safe environment for all.

Food & Beverage Operations

The Food and Beverage operation will experience the most significant changes and below we have highlighted these, identifying the impact they will have on us as a club.

  • Table Service

From Monday 19th July, table service is no longer mandatory meaning members will once again be able to order drinks and food from the bar. Whilst some will welcome this return, others may not and as such we would encourage that only one person from your group approaches the bar at any one time. Once your order has been taken, a member of the team will bring it to your table when ready.

  • Face Coverings

The legal requirement to wear face coverings in an indoor setting will be lifted. Government guidance will suggest that people may choose to wear a face covering in enclosed and crowded places.

With this in mind, all staff members will be strongly encouraged to wear face coverings at all times, except for those who are medically exempt.

  • Social Distancing

Although the ‘one metre plus’ rule on social distancing will be lifted, we will, in the main, be retaining the current furniture set up. Small changes may be seen, but we will continue to deliver a safe and comfortable environment for members to enjoy.

  • Track and Trace

I am sure by now many will feel this burdensome operation has run its course. However, the operation must remain in place and as such the team will still be providing track and trace cards on each table. We would ask that we continue to do our part by providing this information or by using the NHS Track and Trace QR cards located on each table. 

Clubhouse Operations

(Administration, Locker Room and Changing Facilities)

We would strongly encourage face coverings continue to be worn in all indoor settings at the club including the Clubhouse and Professional Shop. Additionally, the following arrangements will be used within the key areas of the clubhouse:


The Locker Rooms will continue to operate as per the current arrangements. In summary this will see reduced showers and sinks in use, the one-way system still in place and clear markings on the floor to encourage social distancing where possible.


The Office is open, but to ensure the welfare of our employees, members are encouraged to contact the office in advance to arrange an appointment where necessary. Such arrangements can be made by contacting the office via telephone 01253 736741 (opt 1) where you may leave a message or email  Office staff will respond as soon as possible.

When entering any of the club offices, members are asked to wear a face covering at all times due to the ventilation and size of the office spaces.

The Golf Course

Recent weather has seen the course soften considerably compared to what we saw throughout May and June. In turn, this now presents new challenges that we must   all be mindful of.

Whilst the greens remain firm, the number of unrepaired pitch marks is starting to increase. The playing surfaces have been excellent of late and we must all continue to do our bit to ensure they remain this way. I would actively encourage members to ensure they repair their own pitch marks and any other pitch marks they may see.

On the greens, the flags in situ will be retained. Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, these flags were developed to factor in the change within the rules of golf which permits a player to putt with the flag in. Whilst the flagsticks can be removed from Monday 19th July, we hope that this will give members the comfort of knowing that they do not have to remove the flag stick should they not wish to.

On the 19th June, preferred lies in bunkers was reintroduced. This came on the back of many complaints regarding the conditions of the bunkers. I am pleased to advise that from Monday 19th July rakes can be reintroduced to the course and the local rule will be removed. One major change which will be introduced from the 19th July is the position in which members are asked to return the rakes to. Moving forwards, members are asked to return the rakes to the centre of the bunkers as per the final image on the below slideshow.

To assist with the return of rakes, Joe and the team have put together an instructional slideshow of ‘best practices’. This slide show can be seen below.

Members should find bunkers raked with the rake situated in the centre of the bunker.

1. On arriving at a bunker, members should find the rake located in the centre as shown on slide one and six.

2. Having played out of the bunker, members should make good of any damaged caused using a motion which pushes the sand away from your body.

3. This motion should be continued until you have made a full exit from the bunker.

4. Once the damaged is repaired, members should carefully place the rake back into the centre of the bunker ready for the next golfer.

With the removal of the local rule, it is compulsory that members use a rake to make good of the bunkers, however members can either use the rakes situated in the bunkers or they can continue to use their own clip on rakes. Should members wish to continue using a clip on rake to avoid touching a provided rake, we would advise moving the rake in situ with their club or ensure that you have access to sanitiser.

Other course furniture such as the ball washers, will return at the earliest possible time.

Practice Facilities

The current operations for the practice ground and short game area will remain in place.

The practice ground will be available for 4 members to practice at any one time by following the process below:

  • 4 practice bays, in addition to the 2 teaching bays will be available
  • The top pitching section of the practice ground is open.
  • Range baskets have been brought back into operation. Once used members MUST return them to the ‘used basket’ station where they will be sanitised and returned to use.

The chipping green will remain open. When using the facility, please carry out the following protocols:

  • Please sanitise your hands before and after using the existing dispensers.
  • Please do not touch the practice balls with your hands wherever possible.
  • Balls must not be left on the Chipping Green after you have finished.
  • Please take care when removing any balls from the holes not to touch the cup wherever possible.

If you are using the practice bunker it is strongly recommended that you use a mini-rake to restore its condition after you have finished, otherwise please smooth out with your club.

And finally... 

If you are encountering any symptoms of COVID-19 or are self-isolating, please do not book a tee time until you have completed the self-isolation period. If you subsequently display symptoms or test positive for COVID19 please inform me immediately and refrain from playing golf until you have completed the self-isolation period. 

I am sure that many of you will be aware that three members of our team are currently self-isolating as a precautionary measure. This inevitably puts staffing resources under pressure and over the next week members may experience small delays with food and beverage service. There may also be a need to close the halfway house, depending on staffing levels, but we will do our upmost to retain this facility where possible.

The team and I continue to work hard to provide a safe environment for members to enjoy and thank you all for your continued support and understanding with the implementation of the above operation.

Best regards,

Mark Duncalf

General Manager