Fairhaven Golf Club promotes high standards of etiquette, and respect for others, throughout all aspects of the game of golf and membership of our club.  

We aim to operate a contemporary and forward-thinking management policy, including a modern dress code to make members, guests and visitors feel welcome and comfortable within our club. With this in mind, the dress code simply outlines a smart, neat and clean, standard of dress both on and off the course.

It is hoped that everyone will assist in maintaining the high standards expected both on the Course and in the Clubhouse, respectfully maintaining the traditions of our club.

On the Golf Course and Practice Facilities

Conventional golf attire is required on the golf course and when using the practice facilities.  This ensures style, comfort and safety.  Therefore:

  • Denim wear is unacceptable, as are track suits, tee shirts and tops designed for other sports
  • Please wear shirts/tops inside the waistband, with the exception for ladies where the top is designed otherwise
  • Full length trousers should not be tucked into socks unless appropriate rainwear is worn
  • Approved golfing footwear with hard or soft spikes must be worn
  • Shorts and skirts must be tailored or designed for golf, and not designed for other sports “Tailored” Is defined as being made of chino style material with a conventional waistband, including belt loops, and conventional hip pockets (no cargo or patch pockets, unless designed by a golf manufacturer).
  • Socks, when worn with shorts/skirts, must be either white or match your outfit or shoe colour.  In all cases they must be sports socks.
  • Adverts and slogans should not be worn, but discreet manufacturer’s logos are acceptable

In the Clubhouse

  • Please ensure all clothing, including jeans, are smart, neat and clean, not torn or soiled
  • It is good manners to remove hats and caps within the clubhouse
  • Please use the hanging areas for waterproof and outdoor clothing, including gillets
  • Clean golfing footwear with soft spikes is acceptable in all ground floor areas of the Clubhouse
  • All footwear must be smart and clean….but, additionally for men, open-toed sandals/flip flops are not acceptable.

Functions and Club Events

All Club functions and events require appropriate standards of attire and the dress code for each event will be included when promoting the function or event.

Mobile Phone Policy

On the course, mobile phones may only be used to summon medical assistance in case of emergency.
In the Clubhouse, voice calls should only be made outside of the main bar/lounge and dining room areas.

Smoking Policy

Out of respect for all, please take care not to cause offence when smoking outside the clubhouse.

Club staff are authorised to approach those not adhering to the regulations. This may result in a request to leave either, the course, practice facilities or Clubhouse.

Martin Robinson

General Manager - 16 January 2018