The smarter the animal, the more they need to play

As a professional with almost 30 years’ experience, I’ve made it my life’s work searching for the ingredients that will set us upon the road to golfing excellence.

My experience and indeed my conclusions have been gained by investigating a plethora of ideas, each time devoting myself to the cause and more often than not, hitting a brick wall. The majority of my finds are based on empirical evidence although there is an element of artistic licence thrown to cater for the customer’s ability as everyone is different and needs to be coached in different ways.

As a qualified Bio-mechanist and Advanced custom fitter any advice I give you is in your own best interest and designed to help you fine tune and take your game to the next level. Those of you who know me will attest to this fact. You can also never expect the same lesson twice.

My journey is far from complete and I’m sure there is so much more out there yet to be discovered, but whatever the outcome it’s going to be a lot of fun finding out.

– Andrew Lancaster