Fairhaven Golf Club

Two's Report for Seniors Team of 4 Open

Tuesday 1st September 2020, Yellow Tees, Fairhaven Golf Club

Stephen Barlow (5)217th
D Barnes (17)210th
David Bentley (17)22nd
Colin Billington (12)25th
AJ Frizzell (7)210th
Stuart Gray (5)22nd
Mike Green (6)210th
Denis Greenup (5)25th
John Hitchmough (11)22nd
John Hitchmough (11)25th
Kenneth Holden (18)217th
DAVID HOMER (10)210th
Phil Housley (5)217th
David Kevan (6)210th
Don Malkin (8)22nd
Steve Martin (11)210th
Steve Martin (11)22nd
William Melia (16)217th
Michael Philbin (12)217th
Paul Robinson (6)217th
Kevin Rolfe (7)22nd
Bob Siddle (15)25th
G. Walker (14)210th
Robert Wheeldon (7)217th

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